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We customize tungsten carbide dies for customers. Tungsten carbide has excellent hardness, wear&corrosion resistance, resistance and small expansion coefficient, which increase the service life. The life time of carbide dies is ten times or even dozens of times than the steel dies.

The tungsten carbide mould&dies from XYMJ can reach tolerances with +0.01mm with original carbide material, low-pressure sintering and other special processes. Therefore the toughness will be better than the conventional production and the lifetime will be greatly increased. XYMJ can provide various tungsten carbide dies including cold heading die, cold punching dies, wire drawing dies, hexagon die, spiral die, etc


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Zigong Xingyu Cemented Carbide Dies&Tools Co.,Ltd is a professional supplier of tungsten carbide mould/dies and all kinds of customized tungsten carbide wear parts. Which integrates research & development, production, marketing and services.