Comprehensively Learning Of The Tungsten Carbide Blades


Regardless of iron, aluminum or steel, the blades will cut them into the desired shapes when machining. The tungsten carbide blades are made of cemented carbide as the basic materials which is an alloy material hard made with hard compounds of refractory metals and bind metal through the powder metallurgy process.

tungsten carbide blades

Material Performance Of Tungsten Carbide Used As Blades

The tungsten carbide blade, also known as carbide tips, mainly adopts the overall hard alloy as the matrix and it is fine finished through various kinds of production processes. Carbide blades have extremely high hardness and high strength, excellent high wear resistance, high elastic modulus.

The tungsten carbide is distinguished according to the grain size, which can be divided into ordinary type, fine grain, sub-fine grain, ultra-fine grain, newly launched double-grain. According to the main chemical composition, cemented carbide can be classified into three types including tungsten cobalt (YG), titanium-tung-ste (YT), and adding rare carbonization (YW).

The tungsten carbide has a high hardness of 86 ~ 93HRA, equivalent to 69 ~ 81HRC, second only to diamond, good heat hardness of up to 900 ~ 1000 ° C, keeping 60 HRC, the high bending strength of MPA5100, good impact toughness and high corrosion resistance. The general alloy blade does not have these characteristics.

tungsten carbide tips

Advantages Of Tungsten Carbide Blades

1. The hardness is extremely high, up to Moh's hardness of 8.9-9.1, which is 10 times higher than the hardness of 18K gold. The high hardness makes carbide blades have good wear resistance, not easy to appear scratches and deformation.

2.It has high brightness like a mirror, with highly polished, fully glow in the color and light like the gemstone.

3.The corrosion resistance of tungsten carbide blades is good. It does not change color, no rust, and the luster can be maintained for a long time, which are the other metals don’t have.

The Production Process Of Tungsten Carbide Blades

1. Ingredient

The main component of the cemented carbide blade is a different ratio of tungsten carbide and cobalt and the initial form of the raw material is the powder. The container is filled with a prepared raw material, which will be used to produce different powders.

2. Proportion

In the workshop, the dried raw materials are mixed with ethanol and water to form a grey pulp.

3. Open mold

After the grey pulp is dried, the sample is sent to the laboratory for quality detection. These powders are consisted of many particles having a diameter of 20 to 200 μm.

4. Press

These powders are contained in a bucket with the capacity of 100 kg, to be delivered to a punching machine for manufacturing a blade. Operation workers place the stamping dies into the machine tool. The pressure used for stamping each blade is as high as 12 tons. The machine tool will weigh the blade, and the operator will also perform observation and control. At this period, the blade is very fragile.


For hardened, the blade after stamping needs to be heated. This work is done by the sintering furnace. Thousands of blades can be processed at a time. The pressed blade powder is heated to about 1,500° C for 13 hours. The shrinkage ratio of the sintering process is about 50%.

6. Waiting for grinding

Complete the required thickness of the quality inspection in the laboratory. Because the tungsten carbide is very hard, it is necessary to adopt industrial diamonds for grinding.

7. Grinding

When the blade reaches the required thickness, it is further grinded to obtain geometric shapes and sizes. Tolerance requirements are extremely stringent.

8. Coating

After the grinding is finished, the blade will be cleaned and sent to the coating. At this period, in order to avoid any oil grease or dust, the gloves must be worn for dealing with the blade and then sent into a coating furnace with lower pressure for different colors.

carbide circular blades

What Should Be Paid Attention To Using Tungsten Carbide Blades

The characteristics of the carbide material determine the importance of the cutting machine blade's safe operation.

1. Blade installation

Before the installation, please clear the dust, chips and other debris on the bearing mounting surface in advance, keep the bearing mounting surface and the tipper clean.

a.To carefully put the blade on the mounting surface of the bearing, rotate the tip machine shaft to automatically find the insertion of the blade center.

b. Install the crimping block on the tipper blade.

c. Load the hexagonal bolt, fasten the screws in the hex wrench to securely mount the blade on the bearing.

d.After the blade is installed, ensure no loose and no deflection.

2. Safety protection

After the blade is installed, the protective device must be equipped before starting the predicted machine and acts as a real protective effect.

3. Working speed

The working speed of the tipper is limited to below 4500 rpm/minute. It is strictly forbidden to exceed the limit speed.

4. Test machine

After the blade is installed, it is necessary to operate for 5 minutes and carefully observe the operation of the argument and cutting machine. It is absolutely not allowed to have obvious loose, vibrations and other abnormal sounds.

5.Push the circuit board uniformly

In the cutting process, please push the circuit board that needs to be cut at a uniform speed, avoiding being too rapidly to push the circuit board. When the circuit board has severely collided with the blade, it will cause blade damage.

6.Blade storage method

It is strictly forbidden to write on the blade with an electricity pen or other scratches to prevent damage to the blade body. The blade of the cutter is extremely sharp, but it is very crisp, In order to avoid accidental damage, ensuring the blade does not touch the human body or other metal hard objects.


The tungsten carbide blades and tips which are made of cemented carbide as the raw materials through fine finishing can be used as an industry blade. With excellent performance including high hardness, wear resistance, toughness and good corrosion resistance, the tungsten carbide tool plays a basic promotion in the development of the manufacturing industry.