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Tungsten Carbide Cutting Tools

The most important application for tungsten carbide is metal cutting, which including milling, turning and bore machining.

Tungsten carbide plays an extremely important role in the machining process because it offers higher wear resistance than high-speed steel, which can withstand higher working temperatures and can be very well optimized to meet the requirements of various processes. At the cutting edge, carbide tools can withstand temperatures of up to 1,100°C with minimal creep, with higher cutting speeds and feed rates. The tungsten carbide provides minimum quantity lubrication and high-speed cutting, which can meet high demands for the performance of cutting tools.

According to the shapes of customized tungsten carbide cutting tools, the carbide cutting tools are classified into round blades, ring blades, long blades, arc blades, toothed blades, trapezoidal blades, wave blades, serrated blades, disc blades, and special-shaped blades, etc.

XYMJcarbide has more than 20 years of experience in researching and manufacturing tungsten carbide products such as carbide molds & dies, bushings, valve seats, nozzles, inserts & cutting tools, carbide rods and bars, and other customized tungsten carbide wear parts, etc. We have high-precision grind machines, skilled workers to control the very high precision of each carbide part, with strict QC management, special-designed packing boxes and tubes to ensure the safety of the customized carbide products, and various shipping methods