What Are The Tungsten Carbide Plates


Tungsten carbide plates, also known as carbide strips or carbide sheets. They have shapes of rectangular and square. The main alloy ingredients of cemented carbide plates are WC and CO. They have extremely high hardness, wear resistance, high elastic modulus, good chemical stability, etc.

Wide Applications Of Tungsten Carbide Plates

The tungsten carbide plates have a high-pressure strength, high impact toughness, low expansion coefficient and thermal conductivity and electric conduction are similar to iron and its alloys. It is an excellent material for making high-temperature resistance parts, wear-resistant parts, anti-shielding parts, corrosion-resistant parts, suitable for making cast iron rolls and shaping cutter for high-nickel-red rolls, applied for silicon steel sheets, cold-rolled plates, production of wire drawing dies, wear-resistant parts, stamping parts, carbide automatic press mold cores, topping mode, such as top forging molds for screws, rivets, stamping molds. squeeze mold. punching mold.

tungsten carbide plates

Production Process Of Tungsten Carbide Plates

Powder manufacturing - Formula according to applications -Wet grinding - Mix - Smash- Dry - Granulation - Press molding - Sintering - Molding (blank) - Inspection - Packaging - Storage.

tungsten carbide strips

Grade Properties And Applications


Fine grade alloy, with good wear resistance, used for processing blades, wear resistance parts


high bending strength, lower abrasion resistance than YG6A, suitable for manufacturing the form-cutter, wear-resistant consumable parts, etc.


Suitable for making stamping molds, wear-resistant parts, etc.


High bending strength, used for stamping dies.


It is a fine grain carbide material, which has excellent wear resistance, high bending strength, anti-bonding ability, suitable for processing high-temperature alloys, stainless steel, high manganese steel and other materials.

grade list of tungsten carbide plates

Trustworthy Tungsten Carbide Plates Manufacturer - XYMJ

XYMJ, which has more than 20 years of experience in tungsten carbide products and tools such as tungsten carbide dies, carbide nozzles, cutting tools, mining tools, carbide wear parts, provide high-quality tungsten carbide plates at affordable prices. XYMJ is a professional carbide factory with advanced, highly effective equipment and high-precision grinding machines. All the products must be strictly inspected with ultrasonic. The sizes of XYMJ carbide plates can be customized as customers’ requirements.

Advantages of XYMJ tungsten carbide plates

1. The purity of the raw material is above 99.95% and the physical properties of the plates are stable.

2. Using spray drying technology, the material uses high purity nitrogen protection with full sealing, effectively reducing the oxygenation possibility in the preparation process of mixed material.

3.The plate density is uniformly adopting 300MPa pressures, effectively eliminating the generation of pressing defects, and the plate blank density is much more uniform.

4. Excellent density, strength and hardness are in line with the standard.

5. Adopting low-pressure sintering technology, so that the pores inside the plate can be effectively eliminated and the quality is much more stable.

6. Using deep cold treatment technology to improve the internal metallographic tissue of the plates or strips, and the internal stress can also be greatly reduced, effectively avoiding the appearance of cracks in the cutting process.


The tungsten carbide plate has an excellent red hardness, high hardness, high density, good wear & impact resistance, long service life. XYMJ is a professional carbide plate manufacturer, supplying products with superior quality, competitive price, strict quality inspection, fast delivery and is trustworthy for selecting.