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The tungsten carbide nozzle is processed with super hard carbide materials by high-precision machinery and has high anti-curvature and high hardness, widely used in the field of surface treatment, sandblasting, painting, electronics, chemical processes, etc.

tungsten carbide nozzle

Advantages Of Tungsten Carbide Nozzle

Among the many nozzles, the carbide nozzle is the most rugged and the most cost-effective. Its anti-curvature can reach 2300N/mm and hardness can reach HRA90, be suitable for many industries and fields which have high requirements for hardness performance.

The cemented carbide nozzle is sintered by the heat pressure of the heat holes and huckles. It is conducive to the implementation of small work, such as cleaning parts, welding, cleaning handrail, stairs, gauge, or stone carving. It forms a sufficient airflow mode, which increases the abrasive rate by 100% for a given pressure and it is the best choice for high airflow to improve productivity.

The tungsten carbide nozzle has the advantages of corrosion resistance, long service life, excellent performance, wear-resistance, low density, etc, suitable in many applications. For example, the carbide nozzle is widely used in sandblasting to ensure that the products are used for a long time for the best air and abrasives.

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The Common Types Of Tungsten Carbide Nozzle

The shape of the hole in the cemented carbide nozzle determines its airflow mode. According to the application industries, there are three types of carbide nozzles that are commonly used, which include tungsten carbide water coal slurry nozzles, carbide atomization nozzles, and carbide oil nozzles.

Tungsten carbide water coal slurry nozzles

The carbide nozzle has a wide range of applications in the hydrocryrid burner, which makes the water coal paste fuel burn much more fully and efficiently by good fuel atomization. Depending on the nature of the fuel, the carbide nozzle can also be divided into pneumatic, mechanical, rotary cup and ultrasonic wave. The rationality of its structure determines the atomization effect of the water coal slurry. The wear resistance and hot-impact resistance of the material determine the service life of the nozzle and directly affect the economics and safety of water coal slurry applications.

The wear of carbide water coal slurry nozzles mainly includes crystal grains, brittle fracture and grinding damage. The higher the CO content in the cemented carbide, the greater the erosion wear is, so it should be selected, which has less CO content. The water coal slurry nozzle made by tungsten carbide, compared to other metal materials, has better wear resistance and longer service life. However, the tungsten carbide itself has a large brittleness and high hardness and the toughness and the thermal impact properties are lower than other metal materials. It is not easy to process. The carbide tungsten can greatly improve the wear resistance of a nozzle.

tungsten carbide sandblasting nozzle

Tungsten carbide atomization nozzle

The aerosolic form of the carbide atomization nozzle can be divided into types of pressure, rotary, electrostatic, ultrasonic and bubble. Because of its good atomization performance and wide coverage, the carbide nozzle is suitable for spraying, dust removal, and humidification, etc in industrial manufacturing and agricultural production spray.

Compared to other types of nozzles, the tungsten carbide nozzle can achieve a spray effect without an air compressor and the shape of the atomization is generally circular or fanned. In addition, the carbide atomization nozzle is also a very important role in the air conditioner. It is configured on the line of air-conditioning, which effectively reduces the heat generation during the air condition work by atomized water mist.

Tungsten carbide oil nozzle

With the development of the petroleum industry and the increasing energy demand, the tungsten carbide oil nozzles can be used with carbide tips to achieve improved drilling efficiency, and extend the service life of the drill bits.

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Wide Applications Of Tungsten Carbide Nozzle

The applications of carbide nozzle are very wide, commonly used in automotive, electroplating, surface treatment, high-pressure cleaning, dust removal, cooling, desulfurization, humidification, stirring, etc.

Tungsten carbide nozzles are suitable for sandblasting, painting, electronics, chemical processes, etc. At the same time, it is also the active element for the coal chemical industry slurry output.

Cemented carbide nozzles are also used in different applications, such as wire drawing, line guides and many more other aspects.

How To Improve The Performance Of Tungsten Carbide Nozzle

The tungsten carbide has high hardness, high strength, good heat resistance, wear resistance, etc. Typically, the nozzle also often uses the tungsten carbide as the raw material. The carbide nozzle is made by the method of cold pressing combined with vacuum sintering, which causes many problems.

The problems existed in the production process

1. It has a high cost of steel molds and the heat treatment is more difficult.

2. The suppressed equipment needs large tonnage with complex mold.

3. High-temperature sintering deformation, which is not easy to control shrinkage and deformation.

4. It is difficult to follow-up mechanical processing, consuming much work time.

5. The waste rate of the sintering in the production process is high

How to improve the performance 

Since the coal chemical slurry has ingredients with strong abrasion and high corrosive, To ensure the slurry output with a certain output pressure and long service life, so require carbide nozzle has excellent characteristics such as wear resistance, high preservative, high strength, high hardness.

By using a high-pure graphite mold, a nickel-plated short branch carbon fiber is added, adopting a vacuum hot pressing process, which will greatly improve the comprehensive performance of the wear resistance and anti-corrosion resistance of the carbide nozzle, as well as longer service life.

Professional Tungsten Carbide Nozzle Manufacturer - XYMJ

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In order to address different working conditions, XYMJ has developed a variety of material grades, improving wear-resistant, hard-resistant brush performance, supplying carbide nozzles with superb quality, cost-effectiveness and various types. With an advanced automatic production process. The tungsten carbide nozzle produced by XYMJ, has excellent wear-resistant, high strength, corrosion resistance, long service life, high cost performance.

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The tungsten carbide nozzle has high hardness, low density, excellent wear resistance and anti-corrosion and has been widely used. XYMJ has been focusing on various types of carbide nozzles for more than 20 years, with advanced technology, customize production and OEM & ODM available.