An Article Takes You A Quickly Comprehensive Learning Of Cemented Carbide


Cemented carbide is a composite, the main components of which consists of the powder of refractory carbide like tungsten carbide, titanium carbide through the binder metal powder such as cobalt, nickel, etc. It is a cemented composite obtained through the powder metallurgical method. It is mainly used to make high-speed cutting tools for hard, tough materials, cold working dies, measuring tools, high resistant parts with high stability and free from vibration.

High Performance Of Cemented Carbide

The hardness of the cemented carbide at normal temperature can reach HRA of 86 to 93, equivalent to HRC of 69 to 81. High hardness can be maintained at 900 to 1000 ° C with excellent wear resistance. Compared to high-speed steel, the cutting speed can be 4 to 7 times higher with 5 to 80 times longer life. The hard material of 50 HRC can be cut through carbide products.

In addition to the high hardness, wear-resistance cemented carbide has a series of high performance such as good toughness, heat resistance, high corrosion resistance, high elastic modulus, etc, which can be widely used as cutting tool materials, such as turning tool, milling cutter, planner tool, drill bit, etc., suitable for cutting cast iron, non-ferrous metals, plastic, chemical fiber, graphite, glass, stone, ordinary steel, heat-resistant steel, stainless steel, high manganese steel, tool steel and other much more difficult materials. Tungsten carbide wear parts, mechanical parts and carbide wire drawing dies have advantages of high resistance of high-temperature, friction, corrosion. In various industrial applications, tungsten carbide is an ideal choice for replacing steel.

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Grades Of Cemented Carbide

YG6, YG6X, YG8

Wear resistance, high strength, suitable for under ordinary stress conditions, manufacturing for cemented carbide ball. It can be used for forming tools, carbide nozzle, spool, valve seat, rotary burrs, seal ring, measuring tools, fixture, mechanical part accessories, etc.

YG11C, YG11

Excellent wear resistance, good impact resistance, used for high voltage nozzle, lining, bushing in the industries of oil, chemical, machinery.

YG15, YG15C

High strength and toughness, applied for under large stress, manufacturing for seal ring, different shaped structural parts, mechanical accessories and stamping dies.

Y20 YG20C

The type of tungsten carbide is suitable for standard parts, bearings, tools and cold heading, cold stamping mould.

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Industrial Applications Of Cemented Carbide

1. Cutting tool material

Cemented carbide adopted as the cutting tool material, is the widest application. Among the carbide tools, the tungsten cobalt carbide is suitable for the cutting of black metal, non-ferrous metals and processing of non-metallic materials, such as cast iron, cast brass, colloidal wood, etc. Cemented tungsten titanium cobalt is applied for steel and other black metals processing. In the same kind, there is more cobalt content, suitable for rough machining and less cobalt content is used for fine machining. Universal cemented carbide has a much longer service life than that of stainless steel which is difficult for processing.

2. Mould material

Cemented carbide is mainly used for cold wire drawing dies, cold punching dies, cold extrusion mode, cold heading dies and other cold stamping molds.

Under the wear-resistant working conditions which have a strong impact, the tungsten carbide cold heading mould is required to have a good impact toughness, fracture toughness, fatigue strength, bend intensity and excellent wear resistance. Usually, among grades of high cobalt and medium, crude granules, the YG15C is commonly adopted.

In general, the relationship between the carbide wear resistance and carbide toughness is contradictory. The increase in wear resistance will result in a decrease in toughness and the increase in toughness will inevitably lead to a decrease in wear resistance. Therefore, when choosing a cemented grade, it is necessary to meet specific usage requirements based on the processing objects and processing conditions.

If the selected grade is easy to occur early cracks, it is advisable to use a grade with high toughness. if the selected grades is easily damaged due to the early wear, it is appropriate to choose a grade with a higher hardness and better wear resistance. The following grades of YG15C, YG18C, YG20C, YL60, YG22C, YG25C have a gradual decrease in hardness and wear resistance and gradually improving toughness.

3. Measuring tools and wear parts

The cemented carbide is adopted in the wear surface inlay and parts of the measuring tools, precision bearing manufactured by grinding machine and the wear parts such as guide bar, lathe center.


In most cases, cemented carbide products will have a good surface finish, allowing machining with super fast speed, much higher than high-speed steel and other tool steel, bearing higher temperature. Cemented carbide tool will have superior cutting performance with excellent wear resistance.